African businesses, organizations and governments need to develop articulate strategic plans to ensure they deliver lasting impact in their respective markets. It is important for them to plan, allocate adequate resources and ensure progress is tracked.

ADRES is the trusted partner to African businesses, organizations and governments. With our depth of experience and expertise in Africa, we will help you tackle complex issues facing your entity. We will walk hand in hand with you to build your capacity and solve real issues with practical solutions.

We seek to be influencers in the markets we work in. We strive to ensure our clients achieve their objectives, remain competitive and scale into sustainable entities.

Whether you are looking at developing a short, medium or long term strategic plan, ADRES Group is here to walk the journey with you.

Helping businesses, organizations and governments in Africa design, develop and implement strategic visions to achieve transformative impact


We strive to serve clients in the public, private and not-for-profit entities.

Public – This includes national, federal and county governments.

Private – Includes companies, industries, SME’s and businesses

Not-for-profit –  Non-governmental organisations (NGO’s) and foundations

Focus Areas

Strategy Development – Developing and writing strategic frameworks

Strategy Review

 – Milestone and progress check of current strategic frameworks.

  • Testing whether the strategies are a good fit
  • Stress test relevancy of strategic frameworks to evolving business environments

Our Focus Areas

Aid, aid effectiveness, grant management, cash transfers, remittances, economic development and policy, financial inclusion, financial regulation, tax, social protection, trade, private sector, regional integration, tourism, jobs and livelihoods, markets, infrastructure.

Adaptation, agriculture, agricultural policy, climate, climate change, climate finance, environment, food, food security, forests, green growth, land, natural resources, natural resource management, sanitation, urbanization, water.

State, state led development, corruption, fragile states, elections, political economy, devolution, political systems, politics.

Education, sexual and reproductive health, health policy, social exclusion, gender, gender based violence, social policy, sustainable development goals.

Civilian security and protection conflict and violence counter-terrorism disasters disaster response disaster risk reduction displacement foreign policy fragile states human rights humanitarian humanitarian policy humanitarian systems international humanitarian law migration and refugees’ resilience security.

Population growth, youth unemployment demographic dividend.

How can we help you?

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We continue to work with FSD Africa to strengthen their communications across the FSD Network ( FSD Zambia, FSD Tanzania, FSD Uganda, FinMark Trust – South Africa, EFInA – Nigeria, Enterprise Partners – Ethiopia, Access to Finance Rwanda, FSD Kenya and FSD Mozambique).

Financial Sector Deepening Africa (FSD Africa)

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